Background on “Free Trade”

Against the Current, No. 41, November/December 1992

The Editors

ESSENTIAL BACKGROUND for understanding the new North American Free Trade Agreement and the real effects of hemispheric economic integration on workers’ rights, working conditions, wage levels and environmental protection is found in Unions and Free Trade: Solidarity vs. Competition, by Kim Moody and Mary McGinn. This book is published in Detroit by Labor Notes and can be ordered for $7 plus $2 postage from Labor Notes, 7435 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI 48210.

Against the Current 33 (July-August 1991) included a feature on the political economy of Free Trade, with articles by Kim Moody, Francois Moreau, Dolores Trevizo, Nigel Harris and Alejandro Toledo on the process of economic integration and its effect in reshaping working class struggles in North America and globally.

November-December 1992, ATC 41