Against the Current No. 229, March/April 2024

What Genocide Looks Like

— The Editors

Travellers aboard the "Pacific World", sailed by Japan-based luxury cruise operator and NGO "Peace Boat," gather with signs in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as the ship is docked at the port of Port Said in northeastern Egypt, November 8, 2023. Photo: AFP

THE TELEVISED AND live-streamed war in Gaza following October 7th gives new insights into things that previously couldn’t be seen in real time. In their essay “Gaza: A Ghastly Window into the Crisis of Global Capitalism” William I. Robinson and Hoai-An Nguyen observe:

“The twentieth century saw at least five cases of acknowledged genocide, defined by the United Nations Convention as a crime committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group,...

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Stand Against Genocide & Imperialism, from Palestine to Ukraine

— Ukraine Solidarity Network

Statement of the Ukraine Solidarity Network on the Second Anniversary
of Russia’s FulI-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

Two wars dominate world politics today – and the United States is involved in both, although in very different ways. Washington enables Israel’s genocidal onslaught on Gaza with weapons, funds and political support while providing direct military backing through airstrikes in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. In Ukraine, however, the U.S. opposes Russia’s also-genocidal attack on its culture and people, and has provided weapons, funds, and political backing to the Ukraine government. Washington’s double standards and hypocrisy are obvious to the millions of people around the world who have taken to the streets in solidarity with Palestine.....

Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky! Solidarity is Stronger than Repression!

— Suzi Weissman

BORIS KAGARLITSKY*, RUSSIAN Marxist writer-activist, had an unexpected “appeal” trial on February 13, 2024. Prosecutors were seeking to overturn the results of his two-day trial in December 2023, when Kagarlitsky was released with a fine after serving 4.5 months in pre-trial detention in the Komi Republic,...

Alexi Navalny Killed in Prison

— Russian Socialist Movement

Alexey Navalny in the middle of the crowd, Moscow rally March 10, 2012

ALEXI NAVALNY WAS killed in prison. Federal penitentiary service reported the death of the politician but it is evident that he did not die by himself, he was killed by Vladimir Putin. Navalny’s anti-corruption investigations and campaigns helped to politicize millions of Russians and to inspire thousands of activists -- many of whom did not share his political views but believed in the possibility of change in Russia....

Israel’s Genocidal War After Four Months

— Gilbert Achcar

Four months have elapsed since the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation and the start of the Zionist genocidal war that ensued. The situation has now surpassed the 1948 Nakba in terms of intensity of disaster as well as in terms of horror. Consider the facts presented by the United Nations special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing in a remarkable article published by the New York Times on the 29th of January:...

Gaza: A Ghastly Window into the Crisis of Global Capitalism

— William I. Robinson & Hoai-An Nguyen

AS THE WORLD watches in horror over the mounting death toll of Palestinian civilians and Israel faces charges before the International Court of Justice for the Crime of Genocide, the carnage in Gaza gives us a ghastly window into the rapidly escalating crisis of global capitalism. Connecting the dots from the merciless Israeli destruction of Gaza to this global....

The First US-Israeli Joint War

— Gilbert Achcar

THE ISRAELI MILITARY forces’ war on Gaza, following Hamas’s 7 October attack, is the first Israeli war in which Washington is a co-belligerent. The US openly supports the war’s proclaimed goal and is blocking calls for a ceasefire at the United Nations — all while providing arms and ammunition to Israel and acting to dissuade other regional actors from intervening in the conflict to help Hamas....

Sergei Lavrov: "Israel Pursues Objectives Similar to Those of Russia"!

— Yorgos Mitralias

Lavrov and Netanyahu Drawing by Sonia Mitralia

THOSE WHO STILL have doubts about the existence of "similarities" between the wars waged by Mr. Putin and Mr. Netanyahu against Ukraine and the Palestinians, respectively, can now be reassured that their doubts have been finally and irrevocably dispelled: Sergei Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister and Mr. Putin's right-hand man, categorically asserts to the official Russian news agency RIA Novosti,...

“Developing Countries” Are Trapped in a New Debt Crisis

— Eric Toussaint

World Bank graphic illustrating that 480 million people lack food security.

THE WORLD BANK report on the debts of “developing countries,” published on December 13, 2023, reveals an alarming fact: in 2022, developing countries as a whole spent a record US$443.5 billion to pay for their external public debt.(1)

The 75 low-income nations that are eligible for loans from the International Development Association (IDA), a World Bank organization that provides loans to the world’s poorest nations, paid a record US$88.9 billion to its creditors in the same year....

Why Many Blacks Turn on Biden Over Palestine

— Malik Miah


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN is in trouble with young African American voters. His unconditional support for Zionism and the U.S. military support to the Israeli state’s horrific war against the Palestinian people in both Gaza and the occupied West Bank is behind the growing opposition.

Biden refuses to tell the state of Israel to end its genocidal war in Gaza. He repeats all the lies of the Israeli regime....

Catastrophe in Palestine and Israel: Apartheid on the Road to Genocide

— David Finkel

On October 25 a Detroit rally organized by Jewish Voice for Peace and allies of Palestine, called for a ceasefire in Gaza. The rally demanded that Michigan's Congressional delegation oppose sending weapons to Israel.

ON THE MORNING of October 7, the nemesis that the Israeli state did much to create smashed over, under and through the border wall separating Gaza’s “open air prison” from southern Israel. The brutal events that followed have opened the gates of hell — even wider than usual — in the Middle East.

Any number of illusions lie shattered, beginning with the biggest — the United States’ government’s view that a brokered “normalization” of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, plus other Arab Gulf monarchies, would make Palestine essentially disappear from view. It’s essential to state up front the fundamental lesson that U.S. policy, enabling Israel’s continual destruction of Palestine and its people’s hopes, have made the 100-year Palestine-Zionist conflict into a permanent crisis with little hope of resolution.

At this writing the odds of,,,,

Opposing U.S. Militarization in the Asia-Pacific While Seeing China's Emerging Imperialism

— Federico Fuentes interviews Au Loong-yu

Au Loong-Yu is an author and long-time Hong Kong labour rights and political activist.

Federico Fuentes: One of the biggest challenges facing the left is coming to grips with China’s status within the global capitalist system. China’s meteoric rise has led many to ask whether China remains part of the Global South or has become an imperialist country. How should we understand China’s status today?

Au Loong-yu: The issue is that for the past three decades China has not been a regular Third World country. From a largely peasant-populated country 40 years ago, today it is 60% urbanised and fully industrialised. Its manufacturing rolls out both low and high end products....

Capitalist Globalisation, Transnational Class Exploitation & the Global Police State

— Federico Fuentes interviews William I. Robinson

Federico Fuentes: Over the past century, we have seen the term imperialism used to define different situations and at other times be replaced by concepts such as globalisation and hegemony. You yourself have written that “the classical image of imperialism as a relation of external domination is outdated.” Why is this the case? Does this mean the concept of imperialism as a whole is outdated too?

William Robinson: Colonialism and imperialism are historic processes....

Apostle of Genocide Rules Israel from the Grave

— Cliff Conner

MEIR KAHANE, a fanatic ultrarightwing American-Israeli zealot, was assassinated more than thirty years ago, and yet his spirit is in full control of Israel’s genocidal onslaught against the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza. When he was alive, his racist and antidemocratic political movement, the Kach party, was banned in Israel and officially designated a terrorist organization, both in Israel and the United States.

Today his disciples and admirers are entrenched in the government of Israel and direct...

Solidarity with the Palestinian people -- End the Occupation!

— Executive Bureau, Fourth International

On October 10 Arab Americans and supporters packed Dearborn, MI auditorium to stand in solidarity with Palestine as Israel dropped bombs and prepared to invade Gaza in retaliation for the Hamas military strike that killed hundreds of Israeli civilians. Photo: Jim West

The root cause of the violence is the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. Palestinians have borne the brunt of the death and destruction of the last 75 years. The situation in the Gaza strip is particularly inhuman. Here, the population has been subjected to ongoing humiliation, collective punishments and violence from the Israeli state. Appeals for “de-escalation” are pointless, one-sided condemnations of violence by Hamas are hypocritical, as long as this root cause is not addressed....

Degrowth: A Remarkable Renaissance

— Alan Thornett

There has been an upsurge of interest in degrowth –a long-discussed strategic alternative to climate chaos and not just from the radical left. It is experiencing a renaissance at the moment, driven by the relentless rise in global temperatures and the resulting climate chaos.

It was the theme of a three-day....

Death, Abuse and Super-exploitation of Children on Rise

— Malik Miah

Newly hired child labor, 1908. Are we going back?

Teen dies in sawmill accident as US states aim to roll back child labor laws (Headline of Wisconsin Public Radio, July 6, 2023)

THE POLICE RECEIVED an early-morning call regarding an unresponsive teenager at Florence Hardwoods, a sawmill in northern Wisconsin, reported the county sheriff’s office. Deputies and paramedics transported....

Martial Terror in the Neocolony: Plight of Philippine Women Political Prisoners

— E. San Juan, Jr.

IN HIS CLASSIC "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte," Karl Marx amends Hegel's quip on history repeating itself, first as tragedy and then as farce (1986 97). With the former Philippine dictator Marcos's son in office, will farcical acts be the spectacle for the next six years? Imagine the sons of Somoza, Trujillo or Batista returning to their banana republics -- that would indeed be "the tradition of all the dead generations" acting as toxic "nightmare on the brain of the living."

The oldest U.S. neocolony, the Philippines, was then plundered....

Michigan Appellate Courts Curb Death in Prison Sentences for Minors

— Efrén Paredes, Jr.

Michigan State Capitol, Lansing, Michigan.

A DECADE AFTER the U.S. Supreme Court banned mandatory life without parole (LWOP) sentences for justice-involved children under age 18 ("juvenile lifers"), Michigan appellate courts are course-correcting years of arbitrary sentencing outcomes which have been an affront to the rule of law.

LWOP sentences are often referred to as a "death in prison" or "death by incarceration" sentences because a person who receives the extreme punishment is condemned to die in prison unless her/his sentence is commuted by the Governor, which is unlikely to occur in most cases.

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