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After the Trumpster Fire

— The editors

Ballot counting in Detroit, where Trump supporters - and Trump himself - without any evidence, claim "fraud"! jimwestphoto.com

THE ELECTION IS now over except a few recounts, dead-end Trump lawsuits and two Georgia Senate runoffs. Most of America – and the world - is righteously celebrating the end of the Trump-Pence presidency and the specter of another four years of the national and international nightmare.

Thanks to mass early and mail voting turnout by the Democratic base, especially the impressive mobilizations by the African American and parts of the Latino communities, the outcome although closer than expected became clear enough two days later, Thursday, November 5....

Aiding & Abetting U.S. War Crimes: Great Britain & Julian Assange

— Clifford D. Conner

NOVEMBER 25,2020 UPATE: OVER THE LAST couple of weeks, both the defense and the prosecution have served their closing submissions to the court, which can be accessed here:

• For the defense, on behalf of Julian Assange

• For the prosecution, on behalf of the United States

Nuclear vs. Sun and Wind Energy

— Al Shelly and Bill Resnick debate

In the July/August 2020 issue of Against the Current Bill Resnick reviewed Planet of the Humans. Al Shelly wrote a response to the film review, challenging Resnick's dismissal of nuclear power as a source of renewable energy. We are printing his response followed by Bill Resnick’s reply. —The Editors

THE ONLY MENTION of nuclear power in this piece is the appearance of the words "coal and nuclear power" and "coal burning and nuclear assets," a conflating of the ancient non-renewable...

From ATC authors and friends

Thailand: Towards a Test of Strength

— Pierre Rousset

In mockery of the government, students brought inflatable rubber ducks to the Kiak Kai intersection barricade. Later these were used against the water cannon. Prachatai

The government is threatening severe repression. The democracy movement is calling for increased mobilization. The first key date is November 25.

The militaro-monarchist oligarchy that controls Thai institutions would like to put a definitive end to the pro-democracy mobilizations that have been going on for months....

A Frightening Glimpse of an Uncertain Future

— Alan Thornett

COVID-19 IS NOT just out of control, but on a global rampage. There have now been 52 million cases and 1,300,000 deaths world-wide. Another million deaths have gone unrecorded, and another million have died because of hospital failure under the pressure. The vast majority of European countries are into a second wave of the pandemic and are declaring more cases each day now than they were during the first wave earlier in the year.

The euphoria that has greeted the announcement by Pfizer, along with the German biotechnology company BioNTech....

The Increasingly Impossible Middle Class

— David Roediger

IN 2010 THE Commerce Department prepared data for the Obama administration’s Middle Class Task Force, headed by Vice President Joe Biden. Sidestepping knotty problems — see below — of just who was middle class, part of their study proposed a host of expectations that a middle class family would hold....

Our Strike is Essential! Together with Polish Women for Freedom of Abortion


AFTER POLAND’S TRIBUNAL tightened its already strict abortion laws on October 22, 2020, protesters filled the streets, ignoring the ban--given the pandemic—on gatherings of more than five. Over the next several days there were a series of street blockades and demonstrations not only in the major cities, but even in smaller towns....

BLM stands with #EndSARS movement in Nigeria

— Malik Miah

Protest in Lagos, Nigeria. Wikimedia Commons.

BLACK LIVES MATTER (BLM) leaders from many U.S. organizations and alliances have expressed strong support for Nigerian students and working people in their #EndSARS protests against state violence.

More than 69 civilians were shot dead on October 20–21. Twelve people were killed in the Nigerian capital Lagos and 57 in other cities.

Hong Kong in Revolt: A Conversation with Au Loong-Yu

— Ivan Franceschini interviews Au Loong-Yu

For the past year and a half, Hong Kong has been in turmoil, with a new generation of young and politically active citizens mobilizing to protest Beijing’s tightening grip over the city. In Hong Kong in Revolt: The Protest Movement and the Future of China (Pluto Books 2020), prominent Hong Kong leftist intellectual Au Loong-Yu retraces the development of the protest movement in his place of birth over the past two decades, setting them within the context of broader political trends in mainland China and beyond. Published after the Chinese authorities enacted a new draconian National Security Law that effectively signaled a new stage in the crackdown, this book provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on the events of the past months, dispel some myths, and, possibly, draw a few early lessons....