Notes to Our Readers

Against the Current, No. 41, November/December 1992

The Editors

“Who will screw the people?” As this issue went to press three weeks before Election Day 1992, a Clinton victory seemed highly probable, barring any eleventh-hour war, scandal or collapse. It appears, then, that the twelve year Reagan-Bush era of right-wing Republican rule is over, to be replaced by a new dawn of Democratic neoliberal austerity. Our next issue will attempt to look ahead to the new political dispensation.

News from the left: Solidarity, the socialist organization that sponsors this magazine, has welcomed into membership comrades from the former Fourth Internationalist Tendency, which voted at its Eighth National Conference in September to dissolve F.I.T. and accept the offer to join Solidarity extended by that organization’s national convention at the end of July. The editors salute this success for revolutionary socialist unity.

Our previous issue (ATC 40) carried Stan Weir’s memoir of life in the Independent Socialist League at the time of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. Stan’s title was “A Leninist Vanguard Party Dying in a Foreign Land,” to which we added “1956: The Fading Revolution.” The latter addition may have inadvertently ommunicated a pessimistic sense which the author did not intend.

November-December 1992, ATC 41)