Introduction to the Nicaraguan Elections–And Afterwards

Against the Current, No. 26, May/June 1990

The Editors

THE DEFEAT OF the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in the February 25 Nicaraguan election came as a bitter and deep shock to all supporters of the Nicaraguan revolution. With the setback however, also comes the realization that the struggle to defend the revolution’s achievements will continue, and that the fight in North America to stop U.S. intervention in Nicaragua and Central America as a whole must be intensified. We present here three perspectives on the meaning and some of the causes of recent events. It will be obvious that, within a framework of support for the revolutionary process, the following articles differ m their analyses and political conclusions. The discussion of the issues raised here will undoubtedly continue not only in the pages of Against the Current but through the left and solidarity movements.

May-June 1990, ATC 26

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