Opposition Political Parties in Mexico, 1988

Against the Current No. 17, November/December 1988

The “parastatal” or “satellite” parties traditionally subordinated to the ruling PRl (Institutional Revolutionary Party) that broke away to support the Cardenas campaign are:

Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution (PARM).

Founded in 1954 by a nationalist military faction.

Popular Socialist Party (PPS). Originally founded by nationalist labor organizer Vicente Lombardo Toledano in 1948, hence 11Lombardista.”

Workers Socialist Party (PS1). Organized in mid-1970s by supporters of President Luis Echeverria to control labor dissident forces.

The right-wing business opposition:

National Action Party (PAN). Its candidate, Manuel Clouthier, ran third in the presidential contest.

Left-wing opposition parties and alliances:

Mexican Workers Party (PM1). Founded in 1974 by a number of trade union and political leaders, including Heberto Castillo. Represents a left populist tradition influenced by Marxism.

Unified Socialist Party of Mexico (PSUM). Founded in 1981 when the Communist Party merged with several other groups.

Revolutionary Workers Party (PR1). Mexican section of Fourth International, ran Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, human rights activist, as its presidential candidate.

Mexican Socialist Party (PMS). Formed in 1987 when PSUM merged with PMT. Nominated Heberto Castillo for president but switched to support Cuauhtemoc Cardenas.

National Democratic Front (FDN). An alliance between PARM, PPS and PST, which changed its name to Cardenist National Reconstruction Front Party (PFCRN).

November-December 1988, ATC 17

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