Summary of Occupiers’ Demands

Against the Current No. 16, September-October 1988

Summary of the demands presented by Third World students occupying New Africa House:

1) That the university adopt and publicize specific regulations that would provide for immediate expulsion of students who commit acts of racial violence and repeated acts of verbal racial harassment;

2) That the New Africa House be returned in its entirety to the educational and cultural needs of African-American and other Third World students;

3) That the recent budget cuts suffered by the Horace Mann Bond Center be rescinded and that the funding be established at 120 percent of its previous level;

4) That the University make greater demonstrable efforts to recruit and retain more Third World students including a policy for a 50 percent increase in each protective category of minority students per year over a three-year period;

5) That greater efforts be made to promote multicultural education on this campus including a 60 percent increase each year over the next three years in each protective cate­ gory of Third World faculty and staff;

6) That classes taught on Third World issues have priority in the allocation of classroom spaces in New Africa House;

7) That campus-wide funding be initiated [increase for some Third World students’ groups];

8) That a monitoring body be established to meet with the chancellor regularly to monitor the progress of the demands.

September-October 1988, ATC 16

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