Against the Current No. 4-5, September-December 1986

Donald Kenner

THE THIRD ATC has certainly proved that the first two were no fluke. ATC is, by the political standards of Austin, Texas, a hit. Excellent job!

Two things about ATC #3 stuck out, however, and should be considered in future issues.

One is the use of the word “Reaganism” in the “Letter from the Editors” column. To begin with, there is no such thing as “Reaganism.” It is an invention of the Democratic Party, showing the antithesis of what a Mondale victory “would have been.”

It is a favorite term of the Communist Party USA, for similar reasons, and has become the backbone of the current expression of their political orientation. Purge that word!

The other concerns Samuel Farber’s article “A Comment on the Cold War.” I very much enjoyed the article and look forward to similar exchanges of opinions. What disturbs me is that all new subscribers (and possibly some old) have not read Mike Davis’ equally thought-provoking article “Nuclear Imperialism and Extended Deterrence” to which Farber is responding.

Given the importance of this subject for revolutionary socialists, it would not have been redundant to have reprinted Davis’ article as well in ATC #3. Locally, we are going to distribute a copy of Davis’ article with each copy of ATC #3. Not because we favor one over the other, but because new subscribers should see both of these excellent articles in their entirety.

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