Additional articles by ATC Authors and Friends

Beginning in September 2020, ATC‘s Opening Page featured not just articles from the printed magazine but also articles by authors and friends that were not printed in the magazine. These articles are collected here.

"I don't want candies in Hell": A 20-year look at violence against women

— Mary Ellsberg

A Frightening Glimpse of an Uncertain Future

— Alan Thornett

A Letter from the Editors: The 21st Century Plague

— The Editors

A Question That Answers Itself

— Malik Miah

A Very American Coup

— Kit Adam Wainer

A Weapon vs. White Domestic Terrorists: Anti-Klan Act of 1871

— Malik Miah

Afghanistan: Taliban Victory the Product of US-NATO Intervention

— Malik Miah

After the Trumpster Fire

— The editors

Alexey Navalny’s Return and Left Strategy

— lefteast

Amazon: Analyzing & Strategizing

Anne Feeney, 1951-2021

— Ellis Boal

Are Cops Our Allies? No!

— Donna Cartwright

Biden Claims "Success" While Resistance Grows inside Afghanistan

— Malik Miah

BLM stands with #EndSARS movement in Nigeria

— Malik Miah

Building Power for the Long Term

— Stephanie Luce

Chauvin Trial -- One Battle Won, the War for Justice Continues

— Malik Miah

Contemptible Court Sentences Courageous Attorney for Contempt of Court

— Cliff Conner

Cop Shoots Jacob Blake: Kenosha Intensifies Racial Reckoning

— Malik Miah

COVID-19 Vaccine Apartheid: No One Is Safe from Big Pharma

— Jack Gerson

Critique of "Leftwing" Antivax Disinformation: Antivaxxers of All Stripes Pose a Serious Threat to Public Health

— Cliff Conner

Eightieth Anniversary of Walter Benjamin's Death. Ten Theses on His Contribution to Critical Theory

— Michael Löwy

Elijah McClain's Murder: Mother, Racial Justice Movement Win Indictments

— Malik Miah

Emergency: Defend Our Rights!

— Dianne Feeley

End the System of Private Patents!

— CADTM International, Collective, World March of Women, TNI, Womin

Erasing People through Disinformation: Syria and the “Anti-Imperialism” of Fools

— A group of Syrian writers and solidarity activists

Escalating Plunder

— Robert Brenner

Ethiopia: The Perils of War

— Pierre Beaudet interviews Paulos Tesfagiorgis

Fighting Anti-Asian Violence Cannot Include Apologies for the Chinese State

— Promise Li

Fragments from a Past – La Lotta Continua

— Jeffrey L. Gould

Friedrich Engels and Primitive Communism

— Michael Löwy

Gilgit Baltistan: Baba Jan Free After Nine Years!

— Pierre Rousset

Grand Theft Election?

— David Finkel for the Solidarity National Committee

History, Great Britain, and Julian Assange

— Clifford D. Conner

Hong Kong in Revolt: A Conversation with Au Loong-Yu

— Ivan Franceschini interviews Au Loong-Yu

International Appeal for the Immediate Release of All Political Prisoners in Russia

— CADTM, Eric Toussaint, Collective, Tariq Ali, Dianne Feeley, Miguel Urbán Crespo, Gilbert Achcar, Fatima Zahra El Beghiti, Myriam Bregman, Noam Chomsky, Fernanda Melchionna and Suzi Weissman

Israel: Geography, Demography and Racism

— Yacov Ben Efrat

Kevin Floyd’s Foundational Queer Marxism: A Tribute

— Peter Drucker

London: Birth of a New Women’s Movement

— Anti*Capitalist Resistance activists

Making Gaza “Uninhabitable”: A Requiem

— David Finkel

Michigan Militia Terror Plot and the Election: What Does It Mean?

— Malik Miah

Myanmar: Terror, Resistance & the Stakes -- A New Political Situation

— Pierre Rousset

Myanmar's Sunday Protest Results in More Deaths

Notes From the Underground

— Scott McLemee

Nuclear vs. Sun and Wind Energy

— Al Shelly and Bill Resnick debate

On COVID and the Plague of Capital

— Suzi Weissman interviews Rob Wallace, Meleiza Figueroa and Graham Christensen

Opposition to the "War on Women"

— Dianne Feeley

Our Strike is Essential! Together with Polish Women for Freedom of Abortion


Powerless in Texas

— Snehal Shingavi

Protest, Politics, Passion

— Alan Wald

Protesting the Protest Novel: Richard Wright's The Man Who Lived Underground

— Alan Wald

Republicans Step up Racist, Anti-democratic Attacks

— Malik Miah

Republicans Target Trans, Gender-Diverse people

— Malik Miah

Richmond Progressive Alliance Wins

— Mike Parker

Rosa Luxemburg's Revolutionary News

— Michael Löwy

Save Academic Freedom!

— Paul Ortiz

Socialisms: A Critical Debate

— Catherine Samary

State Racism, Islamophobia & Religious Fundamentalism

— Joseph Daher

Stench of Zionist colonization

— Moshé Machover

Thailand: Towards a Test of Strength

— Pierre Rousset

The Biden Administration's Foreign Policy

— Dianne Feeley

The Chauvin Trial: The Streets, or the Suites?

— August H. Nimtz Jr.

The Chauvin Verdict: A Historic Victory That Points the Way Forward

— August H. Nimtz, Jr.

The First Decade of the Arab Revolutionary Process

— Gilbert Achcar

The Fortunate Marxist: Ernie Tate (1934-2021)

— Bryan D. Palmer

The G20’s Solutions -- Not! -- and the Need to Suspend Debt Repayment

— Eric Toussaint

The Historical Significance of the 2019 Hong Kong Resistance Movement

— Au Loong-yu

The Increasingly Impossible Middle Class

— David Roediger

The Increasingly Impossible Middle Class

— David Roediger

The Only Treatment is Freedom: Mumia Abu-Jamal and COVID

— Johanna Fernández

Twenty Years of the War on Terror

— Sudip Bhattacharya

Unanswered Questions

— Steve Bloom

United States: The Racist War on Terror after 9/11

— Malik Miah

USA on the Brink?

— The Editors

Vigilantes Given Green Light to Kill: Rittenhouse Is Acquitted

— Malik Miah

We Protect Us -- U-M Graduate Students Strike Back

— Kathleen Brown

Welcome to Against the Current

What Juneteenth Means in the Battle for Equality

— Malik Miah

Who Is Steven Donziger, Why Is He Unjustly Persecuted & Why Should We Care?

— Cliff Conner

Whoever Wins, This Election Is Not the End of Trumpism

— Barry Eidlin

Why the Massive Protests Throughout Russia?

— Suzi Weissman's interviews Ilya Budraitskis

Why the Paris Commune Still Resonates, 150 Years Later

— Enzo Traverso

Wood Theft

— Michael Principe