A Note from the Editors

Against the Current was launched as a bimonthly in 1986 to promote analysis and dialogue from activist movements for social, political and economic justice, and from engaged scholars on the left. Our perspective is “socialism from below,” rooted in the struggles for self-emancipation of the working class and oppressed peoples as the foundation for a new society without exploiters or oppressors.

We have an international perspective focused on movements for democracy and social justice everywhere, from Indigenous struggles in the Americas and beyond to the fights against authoritarianism in Turkey and India, from resistance to attacks on women’s rights to defending the mass democratic insurgency against Chinese state repression in Hong Kong.

ATC covers debates and theoretical discussions on a range of topics, including the history of Marxism, how ideologies and economies are shaped and refashioned under capitalism, and the particular histories and interrelationships of race, sex and gender. We note that it is mass movements that can open people up to new political paths they’d never previously contemplated.

Against the Current is sponsored by the socialist-feminist organization Solidarity. You can find Solidarity’s webzine and information about the organization at https://solidarity-us.org and https://www.facebook.com/SolidarityUS.

— Dianne Feeley & David Finkel, for the ATC editorial board