Promise Li

Promise Li is a member of Solidarity and DSA. He is a former tenant organizer in Los Angeles’ Chinatown and a member of Lausan Collective, a left collective and publication promoting transnational solidarity with Hong Kong. He is currently in a PhD program at Princeton University.

Against Multipolar Imperialism: Toward Socialist Multipolarity

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Against the Current No. 227, November/December 2023

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Against the Current No. 225, July/August 2023

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Against the Current, No. 220, September/October 2022

Gabe Gabrielsky: A Radical Affirmation
Against the Current No. 211, March/April 2021

Hong Kong: An Uprising and Its Fate
Against the Current No. 210, January/February 2021

China: From Peasants to Workers
Against the Current, No. 202, September/October 2019