Pritam Singh

Dr. Pritam Singh has a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford and is Professor Emeritus at Oxford Brookes Business School. He is the author of Federalism, Nationalism and Development: India and the Punjab Economy (London: Routledge, 2008, second edition 2019). Dr. Singh has also written Economy, Culture and Human Rights: Turbulence in Punjab, India and Beyond (Delhi: Three Essays Collective, 2010), Hindu Bias in Indian Constitution (Delhi: Critical Quest, 2017) and Institutional Communalism in India (Delhi: Critical Quest, 2019).

He was the Green Party candidate from Oxford East in 2001 General Elections. He is on the editorial board of Capitalism Nature Socialism and has recently contributed to Routledge’s Handbook of Eco-Socialism (2021).

How the Indian Farmers Built Unity