M. Colleen McDaniel

M. |Colleen McDaniel (She/They) is a doctoral candidate in Psychology at Wayne State University. Colleen is an anti-sexual violence advocate and an activist in the graduate worker’s rights movement to end sexual harassment in Higher Education. She has fought for Title IX policy reform as a member of the Academic Alliance for Survivor Choice in Reporting Policies. She is also an active member of the Detroit Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Colleen has been awarded two fellowships for her/their research on sexual assault. Her/Their primary research focus has been on rape-supportive norms among masculine peer groups. They have also done research on men’s perceptions of women’s consent and resistance in sexual scenarios, sexual assault perpetration research methodology, and the influence of White Supremacy on biased perceptions of intra- vs. interracial rape. Colleen is passionate about utilizing her/their expertise to disperse knowledge to do anti-sexual violence work that is evidence-based, culturally competent, and trauma-informed. You can find her/their advocacy work on Instagram and Twitter, @violence_femme.

Challenging the Comfortable
Against the Current, No. 217, March/April 2022