M. Colleen McDaniel

Dr. M. Colleen McDaniel (she/they) is an award-winning anti-violence activist and interpersonal violence prevention expert based in the Northern Virginia/DC area. Dr. McDaniel has organized for graduate workers’ rights, anti-sexual harassment, and Title IX reform with the Graduate Organizing Committee, AFT #6123 in Detroit, MI and the Alliance for Survivor Choice in Reporting Policies. Dr. McDaniel has conducted and published original psychological research on young men’s sexual aggression perpetration, Social Norms Theory, and Cultural Betrayal Trauma Theory. Their public scholarship includes publications in Against the Current: A Socialist Journal, People’s World, and Spark Magazine. Their work can be found on Twitter and Instagram @violence_femme.

Toward a "Transsexualized Marxism"
Against the Current No. 227, November/December 2023

Challenging the Comfortable
Against the Current, No. 217, March/April 2022