Linda Gordon

Linda Gordon is professor of history and University Professor of the Humanities at New York University. Her early books focused on the historical roots of social policy issues, particularly as they concern gender and family issues. She has written many books, including The Moral Property of Women, The History of Birth Control Politics in America (2003), a biography of Dorothea Lange (2009), Feminism Unfinished (2015) and The Second Coming of the KKK (2017).

Gerda Lerner, 1920-2013
Against the Current, No. 163, March/April 2013

Letters to the Editors
Against the Current, No. 62, May/June 1996

The Politics of Child Sex Abuse
Against the Current No. 19, March/April 1989

Feminism and the "Underclass"
Against the Current No. 18, January/February 1989