John Barzman

John Barzman was born in Los Angeles and lives in France. A university professor, he is active in the SNESup union, Ensemble! and Ukraine solidarity. His U.S. experience includes serving on the National Committee of the SWP and United Secretariat of the Fourth International between 1974 and 1979. He is the author of Dockers, métallos, ménagères: mouvements sociaux et cultures militantes en France 1912-1923 and the forthcoming Les dockers du Havre, de la révolution à nos jours.

Alain Krivine, 1941-2022
Against the Current, No. 220, September/October 2022

Livio Maitan: A Life in the Revolution
Against the Current No. 210, January/February 2021

Labor & Politics in Hungary: Toward a Left Alternative
Against the Current, No. 30, January/February 1991