Javier Diez Caseco Cisneros

Javier Diez Caseco Cisneros was a longtime activist in the Peruvian student, workers’ and human rights’ movements. Diez Canseco first served in the Constituent Assembly which drafted the 1979 Constitution, ending 12 years of military rule and served in Congress from 9978 until 1992 when Congress was dissolved following the President Alberto Fujimori “self-coup.” He was a founder in 1980 of the United Left and general secretary of the United Mariateguista Party (PUM) from its formation in 1984 until 1987. He was later re-elected to Congress where support of human rights subjected him to death threats; he died of cancer in 2013.

Peru Hovering at the Edge
Against the Current, No. 34, September/October 1991