Erwin and Estar Baur

Erwin Baur was a life-long socialist who became a tool and dye maker, ending up in the auto industry. He was the president of his UAW Local and an oppositionist of the Reuther caucus. In the 1980s he was a supporter of the New Directions Movement. He joined the U.S. SWP but left in the 1950s with Bert Cochran and was a supporter of the American Socialist. He later joined Solidarity.

Estar Baur was also a life-long socialist, who became an autoworker (she was a production worker at Dodge Main after World War II), a teacher and a librarian. She remained active in social justice issues wherever she worked; she was a feminist.

The Baurs married in the 1930s, raised two daughters and in their retirement remained interested in the world around them.

When the UAW Was Young
Against the Current, No. 131, November/December 2007