Massacre in Christchurch

Against the Current, No. 200, May/June 2019

THE WHITE-SUPREMACIST terrorist massacre at the mosques in Christchuch, New Zealand occurred as this issue of Against the Current was in preparation. Beyond the revulsion we share with everyone over this sickening crime, it’s necessary to reflect deeply on the conditions and social pathologies that produces killers who exult in gunning down people simply for being Muslims — or Jews, or members of another religious, cultural or national community. This slaughter, and others like the Pittsburgh synagogue and Charleston church mass shootings, are not “aberrations” so much as symptoms of a sick society. We join in mourning the irreplaceable lives lost, and pledge our participation in the struggle for a decent, democratic socialist future. An analysis and background discussion of this horrific event from activists in New Zealand is posted at and elsewhere, including at

May-June 2019, ATC 200