Fascist Attack in Chile

Against the Current, No. 196, September/October 2018

IN THE FACE of the attack by fascist groups on Chile’s feminist movement, we, the undersigned, state:
On July 25, fascists violently attacked the 6th National March for the Right to Free, Legal Abortion on Demand in Santiago, Chile. Shouting slogans calling for the mass sterilization of women activists, they stabbed three women in a cowardly, undoubtedly concerted, attack.

This attack confirms the impotence of the ultraconservatives in the face of Chile’s advancing feminist movement, which has currently become an undeniable social actor of primary political importance against all the forms of violence capitalism exercises against our lives and our bodies.

Chile’s president has remained complicit in his silence in the face of these grave events. Beside encouraging the fascist groups’ feeling that they enjoy impunity, this attitude, contrasts with Sebastián Piñera’s public defense of the representatives of the extreme right. The message of the attack is clear, and so is the president’s silence. Some seek to stop the social movement by imposing their reactionary policies through fear.

The left feminist, social, and political organizations have taken immediately and massively to the streets to openly repudiate the ideas and methods of fascism. Once again, we have uninterruptedly reiterated our demands.

Our activities on July 26 and 27 have shown in practice that we are not afraid, that we number in the thousands, that our convictions are firm, that the streets are ours, and that the public is on our side.

Unite with us in an active response of all Chilean social movements. We also call for international solidarity with statements and/or actions denouncing and repudiating the attack on us, and we particularly call for our sister organizations and allies all over the world to remain alert to what happens in our country.

No one will run roughshod over us!

Tendencia Socialista Revolucionaria – Chile; Plataforma Feminista Lxs Incidentes, Colombia; MES, Movimiento Esquerda Socialista, Brasil; Movimiento Democrático Popular, Panamá; Espacio de Encuentro de Mujeres, Panamá; Movimiento Ecosocialista de Colombia; Democracia Socialista, Argentina; Corriente Amaru, Perú; Coordinadora Socialista Revolucionaria, México; Feministas con Voz de Maíz, México; Liga de Unidad Socialista, México; Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores, México.

September-October 2018, ATC 196