Catalunya: Organizations at a Glance

Against the Current, No. 192, January/February 2018

Bayla Ostrach

ANC – Assemblea Nacional di Catalunya, grassroots, neighborhood-level, community-led independentist leadership organization. A key leader was “pre-emptively” jailed without bail by the Spanish governmentt as part of the coup in October 2017.

CiU – Convergencia i Unió, center-right coalition formed by former Catalan President Artus Mas (2011-2016).

CUP – Candidatura d’Unitat Popular, farthest-Left Catalan political party, characterized by some as anarchist, most militant grassroots party in recent years. Barcelona’s “activist mayor,” Ada Colau, came from the CUP.

ERC – Esquerra Republicana di Catalunya, traditional Left workers party of Catalunya, history traces back to the Spanish Civil War and (first) Catalan Republic before that.

PP – Partido Popular, Spanish ruling party, came to power in national and regional elections in 2011. Anti-immigrant, anti-woman, Prime Minister Rajoy’s party.

PSOE – Partido Socialista de Obreros de España, Spanish Socialist party, political party of Prime Minister Zapatero (2004-2011), largely disconnected from Catalan Left and grassroots activism.

January-February 2018, ATC 192