Undisputed Success

Against the Current, No. 146, May/June 2010

Claudette Begin

MARCH 4th WAS AN undisputed success in California. Students, workers, teachers, parents and UC faculty found a way to participate. The major demonstration in San Francisco of 10,000, and other demonstrations in Sacramento and Oakland and in Southern California brought people together from different sectors, K-12, community colleges, state universities and university of California campuses. The California Teachers Association, representing most of the K-12 teachers, initiated rallies and picket lines across the state involving their teachers and students. The California Federation of Teachers reported that events happened at all the state universities except Chico which travelled to join the Sacramento rally.

Debates about strategy and tactics continue in the movement (the freeway blocking is controversial) but the enthusiasm and hope of participants has propelled increased activity in lobbying and other rallies, drawing in those who missed March 4th. The AFT has a march in progress from Southern California to Sacramento following the path of the 1960s UFW march.

A statewide planning meeting is being planned for future actions. Ballot propositions are being planned. The struggle is sure to resume as the state legislator and governor are unlikely to solve the problem of inadequate funding of schools and unfair taxation.

ATC 146, May-June 2010