Introducing “Views on Cuba”

Against the Current, No. 141, July/August 2009

David Finkel

ON THE OCCASION of the 50th year of the Cuban revolution, the editors of Against the Current asked several contributors for brief contributions on how they view Cuban society, politics and culture today. Each statement represents the views of its author. Just as we published a set of diverse perspectives on the imprisonment of dissidents in Cuba six years ago (ATC 105, July-August 2003), the positions taken here cover a wide spectrum of attitudes toward the Cuban regime. We remain committed to opposing all forms of U.S. imperialist intervention against Cuba’s self-determination — the economic embargo, the travel restrictions, the occupation of Guantanamo and any military threats — while we also uphold the importance of open and critical dialogue on the left about the Cuban reality.

For space reasons we have had to defer some contributions to this collection, which will be posted online at our website These, as well as additional statements received too late for the current issue, will also appear in our next issue.

ATC 141, July/August 2009