A Comrade and Friend

Against the Current, No. 139, March/April 2009

STEFFIE BROOKS, a member of Solidarity in New York, died Monday evening, February 9, 2009 after a struggle with a cancer that had spread from her lungs into her spine. Steffie’s final few months were difficult and painful, but she remained committed to her political activism, which included giving a presentation at a summer school our organization co-sponsored with others last August.

Steffie had worked in alternative media in Pittsburgh in the 1970s, and was formerly a member of the Communist Party and Socialist Workers Party. She was an energetic supporter of the Green Party’s 2008 presidential campaign of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, which combined her twin passions of anti-racism and independent political action.

For reflections on what Steffie meant to those who knew her, please visit the Solidarity webzine where a tribute was posted by comrade Isaac on February 9.