Random Shots: Kampfer’s Kreative Krossword

Against the Current, No. 64, September/October 1996

R.F. Kampfer

FIRST PERSON TO solve the crossword puzzle wins a date with the Editorial Board member of your choice. You need to get out of the house more often.

Clinton’s political behavior suggests that if he ever went to the track, he’d be betting a few dollars on every horse in the race.

Timothy Leary requested that his ashes be placed in orbit on some future space flight. Still looking for new ways to get high.

Why is it that children whose normal speaking volume threatens to crack glass, lapse into an audible mumble when they get on stage for a school play?

When the revolution comes to Detroit, there will undoubtedly be barricades built on W. Canfield Street. Not that it’s a particularly strategic location, but it does have cobblestones.

Any politician who doubts the need for legislation to fight homophobia should try to walk around wearing a Gay Pride button for about a week.

If you want the best seat in the house, just move the cat.

How’s this for a fundraiser? First we collect from a bunch of parents who want to end their children to “farm camp” for he summer. Then we bus the kids down to Ohio and hire them out to pick tomatoes for Campbell…after we sign them up with FLOC, of course.

“Vegetarian” derives from an Iroquois word meaning “clumsy hunter.”

The Crossword Clues


1. Let the (5 down) be _______,” Vishinsky

2. “Bandiera ______”

3. “The Shooter” (Dr. Z.)

4. Special Executive for the Suppression of Counter-Revolution, Terrorism and Profiteering

5. The leadership of the Bolshevik revolution, according to V.

6. A 1950s socialist weekly

8. The Great Helmsman

9. Kicked out of the CIO in 1949

12. “The Renegade _______”

13. Commandante _______ (ex-Sandinista)

17. Would agree with Father Flanagan

18. Our kind of babies

21. Before New Directions (UAW)

23. Too soft on JFK to ever become a Marxist

25. “__” The Line, Harvey Swados

27. A Revolutionary Romance

29. Sinn Fein’s military arm

34. Keeps on Trucking


3. Max the Knife

7. Uncle _______

8. The commissar’s best friend

10. Comrade of another species

11. Lincoln and Brumberg

13. Too many assorted sectarians

14. Leader of Brazilian Workers Party

15. Illegitimate descendant of 4 down

16. An Armenian-American in Paris

19. “No reform is possible without the ______,” Peter the Great

20. Workers Unified Marxist Party (hint: “Land and Freedom”)

22. “Brightest Flower of the Yugo”

24. Life magazine accurately described him as “the Russian equivalent of an old Indian fighter.” One of Stalin’s favorite incompetent generals

26. 1960s feminists had these kind of sessions (abb.)

28. Andres or Anais

30. S/___ (PC reference)

31. Endangered liberals

32. Went from reformism to stalinism, without an intervening period of Bolshevism

33. The Old Folky

35. “We are members of the _____ International”

36. “___ the Revolution”

ATC 64, September-October 1996