The MacBride Principles

Against the Current, No. 61, March/April 1996

THE MACBRIDE PRINCIPLES for Northern Ireland call for employers to implement the following measures:

1) Increasing the representation of individuals from underrepresented religious groups in the workforce including managerial, supervisory, administrative, clerical and technical jobs.

2) Adequate security for the protection of minority employees both at the workplace and while traveling to and from work.

3) The banning of provocative religious or political emblems at the workplace.

4) All job openings should be publicly advertised and special recruitment efforts should be made to attract applicants from underrepresented religious groups.

5) Layoff, recall and termination procedures should not in practice favor particular religious groups.

6) The abolition of job reservations, apprenticeship restrictions and differential employment criteria, which discriminate on the basis of religious or ethnic origin.

7) he development of training programs that will prepare substantial numbers of current minority employees for skilled jobs, including expansion of existing programs and the creation of new programs to train, upgrade and improve skills of minority employees.

8) The establishment of procedures to assess, identify and actively recruit minority employees with the potential for further advancement.

9) The appointment of a senior management staff member to oversee the company’s affirmative action efforts and the setting up of timetables to carry out affirmative action principles.

ATC 61, March-April 1996