On Imperialism

Against the Current, No. 61, March/April 1996

The Editors

IN OUR PREVIOUS issues (ATC 59, 60), we published the first contributions to our symposium on “Imperialism today and tomorrow.” We present here further responses. Our letter soliciting participants asked them to briefly discuss whether classic theories of imperialism remain relevant and also invited responses to three specific questions:

a. Is there such a thing as a `humanitarian intervention’ carried out by U.S. forces? Does the left’s toleration and occasional advocacy of intervention in Somalia, Bosnia and Haiti indicate an astute recognition of new realities or a serious error?

b. What is the significance of the rise to world dominance of transnational financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank?

c. Can the left maintain its long-held, principled opposition to imperialism without appearing irrelevant and sectarian? What specific actions or strategies do you recommend that the left pursue?

The symposium will conclude in our next issue.

ATC 61, March-April 1996