Two Perspectives

Against the Current, No. 60, January/February 1996

The Editors

WE OFFER HERE two perspectives on the environmental struggle and the left. Judi Bari presents the case for “biocentrism,” associated with the deep ecology movement; Chris Gaal offers an approach to creating an ecological socialist politics. In part these articles arose out of discussions that occurred when Bari spoke in Bloomington, Indiana; both authors consider their work to be part of an unfolding dialogue inside the movement that is far from finished.

Judi Bari is an Earth First! organizer in northern California. In 1990, along with fellow activist Darryl Cherney, she was the victim of a carbombing, followed by an attempted frameup by the FBI in which she and Cherney were accused of planting the bomb. They are currently suing the FBI for false arrest and civil rights violations.

ATC 60, January-February 1996