Against the Current, No. 48, January/February 1994

THIS ISSUE includes a focus on some struggles of Puerto Ricans on the island and the U.S. mainland. Special thanks to César Ayala, who served as a member of the editorial board preparing this material, and to the comrades of the Taller de Formación Politica in Puerto Rico for their contributions. Also included here are two reviews on the wider issue of Latinos in the United States and the emerging Latin/Chicana feminist literature.

IN MICHAEL SMITH’s review of Gigs in ATC 47, a computer error chopped off the final few words of the last sentence, which should read: “Musicians get showcased in the clubs, but they make a living playing in Europe where they are not confined to saloons and restaurants and where, ironically, their music, ‘American classical music,’ is afforded the respect it hasn’t always gotten here.” Our computer apologizes for the mistake and absolves the staff and proofreaders of all responsibility.

SPEAKING OF ERRORS, alert reader Steve Downs notes that the article on the case of Shoshone political prisoner Clifford Dann (ATC 46) “mentions a treaty signed by President Grant with the Western Shoshone in 1863. Grant was not sworn in as president until 1869. Lincoln was president in 1863.” Author Jennifer Viereck explains, “The treaty of Ruby Valley was negotiated in 1863, and not ratified by the United States until 1869. The Shoshone honor the 1863 date, although Grant did not sign until 1869. We knew that!

January-February 1994, ATC 48