Worker-Communist Party of Iran

Against the Current, No. 38, May/June 1992

Mansoor Hekmat and others

The Worker-Communist Party of Iran is a Marxist party, committed to organizing the social revolution of the working class to abolish the capitalist system and to establish a new society based on the economic and social quality of all, their political freedom and the realization of material and intellectual creative potentials for all persons.

The Worker-Communist Party of Iran (WPI) is an internationalist party. It struggles for the international solidarity of the working class and for the achievement of its world objectives. It is committed to defending the interests of workers the world over.

In the changing world conditions of today, and in the face of the ideological and political onslaught of world capitalism on the cause of socialism, heightened by the collapse of the Soviet bloc’s false socialism, the Worker-Communist Party of Iran considers the defense of Marxism and of the worker-socialist cause as one of its fundamental tasks. WPI strives to strengthen and promote the socialist movement of the working class on a world scale.

In Iran, WPI fights for the rise of the working class as a powerful social and political force, for establishing a workers’ state and the implementation of the economic and political program of worker-socialism. The overthrow of the ruling Islamic Republic is one precondition for the achievement of these goals.

The Worker-Communist Party of Iran calls on communist workers and worker-socialist militants to join its ranks.

Contact K.K. Box 14112, 400 20 Goteborg, Sweden.

May-June 1992, ATC 38