The Case of the Missing List

Against the Current, No. 33, July/August 1991

R.F. Kampfer

THE VERY LEAST that the AFL-CIO can do during its upcoming August 31 Solidarity II march on Washington is dismember the Greyhound Terminal, brick by brick.

The prejudices of racism, sexism, Eurocentrism, etc. are most damaging when they are not recognized as such As George Bernard Shaw put it: “The Barbarian thinks that the customs of his tribe are the laws of nature.”

Who says that people are out of shape these days? It used to take a whole family to carry $20 worth of groceries.


KAMPFER RECENTLY got his Detroit Red Squad file. Its extreme scantiness, including total omission of his role in the 1973 wave of Chrysler wildcats, make one wonder what the police have been doing with our tax money all these years. It does, however, clear up the mystery of what happened to the registration list from the 1969 Founding Convention of the International Socialists in Ann Arbor.

Mayor Coleman Young may have bribed the Pistons to throw the championship; Detroit couldn’t really afford another victory celebration.

The Brady Bill won’t have much impact on Detroit, where it can take eight months for a handgun permit to find its way through the police bureaucracy.

The Michigan Desert Storm Fund was organized with the intention of providing a $1000 bonus for each state veteran. Donations dried up with the end of the fighting, leaving the group with about $5 per serviceperson. A spokesperson remarked that support for the war had proven to be “a mile wide and an inch deep.”

Hidden from History

GENERAL DWIGHT D. Eisenhower once ignored an order to discharge all lesbians from the Army when he learned it would cost him ninety percent of his best WAC battalion, plus his own personal secretary.

In the Anabasis, written in the fourth century B.C., Xenophon describes his encounters with the Kurds, who were fighting even then for their independence.

Now that the regimes of Eastern Europe have finally agreed to the demands of Western Europe and the United States that they allow people to emigrate, the latter governments have decided not to let them in.

Chronicle of Contemporary Culture

FUNDAMENTALISTS WANT TO enforce the Old Testament in regard to sex, even as they shamelessly eat bacon and drive on the Sabbath.

If you factor in the labor involved, a backyard garden salad costs about as much as a lobster.

One reason that people are so fascinated with Hannibal Lecter is that we all know a few individuals we’d like him to visit.

Due to its wish to present a high-class TV image, “American Gladiators” does not accept contestants with tattoos.

Being Politically Correct is no excuse for taking yourself too seriously.

July-August 1991, ATC 33