Introduction to ATC 25, March-April 1990

Against the Current, No. 25, March/April 1990

NELSON MANDELA’S FREEDOM AFTER 27 YERS IN South African prisons was won shortly before this issue went to press. Against the Current salutes the indomitable spirit of Mandela and the South African liberation movement that achieved this historic victory, which we hope soon to see followed by even greater strides toward the destruction of apartheid and capitalist rule in South Africa.

This issue includes, among other features, a symposium on perspectives for social movements and radical politics in the 1990s, beginning a dialogue that we hope will be taken up by other activists as well. In view of the historic transformations in Eastern Europe and the much debated “crisis of socialism” associated with these events, we think the views of socialism and the market offered by Aleksei K. Zolotov and James Petras should also provoke comment and controversy.

March-April 1990, ATC 25

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