Raymond Williams, 1921-1988

Against the Current, No. 12-13, January-April 1988

The Editors

THE EDITORS OF Against the Current wisH to pay tribute to the memory of Raymond Williams, who died in London on January 28, 1988, at the age of sixty-six. Born into a Welsh working-class family of Labour Party activists, Williams became a productive scholar and novelist, devoting his entire life to championing an egalitarian concept of culture.

A major contributor to and guiding spirit of New Left Review, Williams will be remembered for his uncompromising defense of the labor and student movements; his extraordinarily creative dialogue with Marxist theory; and the utopian vision of a socialist future that he championed to the end. Those desiring to learn more about this exemplary life will benefit considerably from a study of Politics and Letters, a collection of personal interviews Williams published by New Left Books in 1979.

January-April 1988, ATC 12-13

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