Random Shots: Pat Robertson’s Miracle

Against the Current, No. 11, November-December 1987

R.F. Kampfer

ANYBODY WHO THINKS that Iran is going to roll over for a couple of American destroyers, after everything they’ve put up with from Iraq for the past seven years, has to be about half a bubble out of plumb.

The best thing about the U.S. getting into the Persian Gulf war is that the troops won’t be available for use in Central America.

Say It Ain’t So, Joe

AFTER JOE BIDEN made his withdrawal speech from the 1988 presidential race, he was heard to mutter: “I shall return.”

When Bertoldt Brecht was accused of plagarizing the plots to some of his plays, he said that he didn’t believe in private ownership of literature any more than of industry. That defense might not have helped Biden very much.

If Biden turns out to be washed up in politics, he should fit right in at the New York Post.

Henry Ford 11, incidentally, lifted “Never explain, never complain,” from Arthur Duke of Wellington.

Original Sin

PAT ROBERTSON recently said that the U.S. has to increase its birthrate to protect the West from domination by alien forces. So maybe his first-born was just an experiment in improved productivity.

Actually, somebody who believes the world was created in seven days shouldn’t have a problem with growing a baby in ten weeks.

Notes On literature And Fashion

THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE for Conscientious Objectors has put out an excellent comic book called “Real War Stories.” Published by Eclipse, it combines deeply moving case histories with useful statistics and first-rate artwork. Not an enjoyable book, but a very useful one.

The latest technological breakthrough in children’s toys is talking dolls that communicate with each other and leave the child out altogether. It’s only a matter of time before they start ganging up on the kid.

There is something fundamentally sick about a society that pays extra for clothing that’s artificially aged.

Matters Of Judgment

ROBERT BORK really wasn’t much worse than most judges. That’s the problem.

When the stock market gets nervous, some investors put their money into gold. When it’s really in trouble, they buy rifles.

November-December 1987, ATC 11

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