Stop Soviet Repression of the Chukaev Family!

Against the Current, No 6, January/February 1987

TO: Mikhail Gorbachev The Kremlin Moscow, USSR

In the summer of 1985 Alexander Chukaev was sentenced to 7 years of labor camp and 5 years of internal exile for being part of a socialist group. On April 11, 1986, the son of Alexander and Larisa Chukaev, Alexander, age 5, was seized by the state: to be returned when Larisa “stops her activity”-she is a member of the Moscow-based anti-nuclear, pro-disarmament Trust Group. Larisa is also being framed on a “forgery” charge, which carries a 5-year sentence. On May 20, 1986, she was jailed after taking part in an anti-nuclear power demonstration by the Trust Group. As Americans who are interested in the causes of disarmament and human rights, we demand that the Chukaev family be reunited and that repression against independent movements, whether they be socialist groups or peace groups, be stopped.

The above petition is being circulated by the Friendship Committee with the Independent Soviet Bloc Peace Groups. For further information and updates on the peace movement in Eastern Europe, send $1 to the Friendship Committee, c/o Bob McGlynn, 528 Fifth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215 or call (718) 499-7720.

January-February 1987, ATC 6

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