A Striking Family’s Story

A supporter of the P.9 workers receiued the following letter from one of the fomilies on strike in Austin. Minnesota.

MY HUSBAND AND I received $400. today as a “Corporate Campaign Adopt a P-9 Family” Part of the money was because of you. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

It was so hard to admit we needed help, but after six months getting $40 most weeks, things are get­ ting tough. Our car, house insurance and usual $193. 71 health insurance (each month) are all due

We have been all over town trying to get any type of work —  guess “on strike” doesn’t look too good on the application form.

Our two daughters both graduated from four years of college in May and didn’t have jobs until October and December so we were helping them, now they have all their school loans to pay back so ifs still not easy for them.

I tried to take out a small loan where our car loan is the other day only to be told, “Sony, but you’re just paying the interest on that loan and with your husband only getting $40 a week there’s no way you can pay any more.” I know it’s the truth, but what a situation to be in!

We appreciate your giving of your hard-earned money to help us. Our only hope is that our fight will help you also so you’re not in the same mess with your job some day.

March-April 1986, ATC 2

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