Against the Current Editing–March/April 2023, ATC 223

ATC 222—MARCH/APRIL 2023 (deadline JANUARY 15)
IWD issue:
*Strategies on Women in Iran movement—translated document
*Abortion, Before Roe & After Its Overthrow–Dianne
*Review: Abolition. Feminism. Now. (Angela Davis)—Alice Ragland
*Socialist Perspective on Adoption–Elizabeth Niarhos
+Interview with Rabab Abdulhadi–SHE IS SENDING HER REVISED
+Midterm Elections—Kim Moody
+1960s and Higher Education–Harvey Graff
UC Strike–Barry Eidlin–EXPECTED MONDAY
*Pipelines & Indigenous resistance–Rebecca Kemble
*Ukrainian Opinion–Denys & Zakhar
*Malik Miah on Police Murders in 2022
+Review: Jewish WC Radicalization—Jake Ehrlich
*Review: War and an Irish Town (Eamonn McCann)—Joan McKennan–David/Joan worked to revise
+Review: Cannon—second volume by Bryan Palmer—Paul LeBlanc (3325)–Paul reworked as we suggested
+Review: Frolich bio—Folko Mueller
*Review: Set the Night on Fire (Mike Davis)—Alexander Billet
Review: The Price of Slavery—Christopher McAuley—EXPECTED
*Review: Boxing (Gerald Horne)—John Woodford
*Obit: Mike Rubin–Jack Gerson

editorial 223

David: I did a rough draft and Dianne has helped with a lot of the material especially on U.S. family planning funding that bans abortion or even the mention thereof. This is going to need work but at least it’s a start.

Purnima: Love the editorial, but I have a few minor editing suggestions. In the paragraph on Iran, change “rulers’ to regime’s”. I don’t have an intellectual reason for the suggestion other than the latter usage reads better.

In the paragraph on Afghanistan, I would change imperial “mischief” to something else because the “mischief” is too benign and almost playful a description of machinations that destabilized the region. (Perhaps “machinations” or “meddling” instead?)

–Change “liberating” to “liberation”?

40-50% of (not ‘if’)

This sentence is awkward: “To see what difference a sane and decent policy could produce, take this example: “A Year After Widening Abortion Access, Benin Sees Fewer Botched Ones”’ (Elian Peltier, The New York Times, November 13, 2022). Replace with “To see what difference a sane and decent policy could produce consider the case of Benin, where the number of botched abortions declined after access to abortions was broadened (Elian Peltier, NYT, November 13, 2022).


Left View on negotiations
Dianne: Denys is a Ukrainian who teaches in New Orleans and gave a talk about Ukrainian resistance to a Solidarity zoom meeting on this issue. He said he’d write it up for ATC but in the meantime he and Zakhar wrote the article in Ukrainian; it has been translated and published on a number of websites. Denys then said he’d write a new introduction, which he has done, and sent it along. If we decide not to publish, despite the new intro, we can put it on our website.

David: As the slogan “diplomacy and negotiations” is an ongoing controversy, we should be having ongoing coverage.

Purnima: This article could benefit from some editing.The opening feels a little disjointed and the section on the MH17 flight could be more smoothly integrated. At the end, I would add the dates of the G20 Summit (November 15-16, 2022). Agreed that we should run it.

Dianne on post-Roe 223
Dianne: I thought ATC readers might be interested in the comparison before Roe and today. Tried to indicate some of the various elements and issues. Interested in your comments and questions.

Purnima: I was very happy to read Dianne’s piece which is great. A few suggestions/clarifications. In the opening paragraphs, define how the authorities understood the term “defective.” Wasn’t it used for women who were identified as being cognitively deficient or promiscuous, and predominantly as justification to sterilize women of color? In addition, wasn’t there a great deal of variation in which states sterilized those deemed ‘defective.’

–clarify: 7,000 deaths across the decade?

–The explanation of the Relf sisters appears at the end of the article. Could it be moved up to the first reference to their sterilization?

–Add a sentence about Ellen Willis’ testimony to the 1969 NY State hearing. What was it about? Why is it significant, earning it a reference in this article.

In general, prepositional phrases that appear at the beginning of sentences should be set off with a comma. The article should be combed through to determine which sentences need commas inserted.

Abolition Feminism Now
Dianne: There is some repetition here, and a need to edit. Alice, who has written for us over the past few years is a young African American woman with two young children so she is always hurried.

Rebecca on Pipelines

Purnima: This was interesting, but it will be need to be cleaned up. Currently, it repeats several of the opening paragraphs.

–I wanted clarification on which courts were adjudicating the issue of whether Governor Whitmer could ban the pipeline. The US courts? If so, which ones? Canadian courts?

Strategy re Iran
Dianne: This was translated for ATC. I thought it would be by an Iranian feminist but it’s by an Iranian man. I sent to Catherine Sameh to read and respond. She wrote back: “I find this article really interesting, though a little hard to read (perhaps bc of translation). It’s very abstract, too, so maybe more examples to strengthen the argument?” I asked her if she knew either the author or translator, but she doesn’t.

Purnima: The author explores a really important dimension of the Iranian struggle, namely, the tensions among a primarily progressive internal contingent and a largely conservative diasporic element. The article needs  some solid editing, and I would recommend losing the opening references to Victor Hugo.

–one minor suggestion: reorder the terms in the sentence, “Highlighting these three issues; a reorganization of the current nation-wide movement and transition from present predicament to stronger grounds, needs solutions to three strategic problematics: three issues of Reproduction of the Movement, Diplomacy and United Front.” in the order they appear in the article (United Front, Diplomacy, and Reproduction of the Movement.”

Police kill in 2022Malik
Dianne: This mostly consists of quotes from The Guardian. I think the issue is very important so was a bit disappointed. Think we might want to edit this down and put on the website. He is planning on sending an article on Mumia later in the week so maybe that’s the article we should use for ATC.

David: Agree. Malik is waiting for a prosthesis after an operation, so there are limits on what he can do — he’s sent the draft on Mumia and I can touch it up as usual prior to posting.

Purnima: I agree with Dianne and David. Let’s go with Malik’s Mumia article.

ATC Article re adoption
Dianne: Elizabeth was one of the people sponsored by Solidarity who attended the recent IIRE school in Amsterdam. Perhaps this short article can be the basis for asking others to respond/elaborate on this topic.


Set the Night on Fire Review – 1.15 – AB
Dianne: This is a passionate, and not-too-long review. Billet is a Solidarity member who earns his living as a writer.

David: Yes, especially in connection with our and others’ tributes to Mike Davis. (I’m editing it to add the book information, reference Bryan Palmer’s tribute piece, very minor style fixes.)

Purnima: Very strong review, beautifully written.

War and an Irish Town 223 (1)

David: I did edits on Joan’s initial draft, which she accepted, to make some of the history more accessible to non-expert readers, and reorganized to put the account of The Troubles more up front.

Dianne: I like the personal touch on this review. I think Woodford had too many specific criticisms. Maybe cut down the three to two?

David: Agree. This is a distinctive take on the topic.


David: OK as far as it goes. I’d delete the stuff that Jack said he wouldn’t write about,,,we’re looking to find pictures. Jan told me she doesn’t have any.

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